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When the world’s going to hell, working with a man that fears and mistrusts you is just the icing on the cake. If only the chemistry between us wasn’t so impossible to resist.

Only a season after turning into a succubus, Sadie gives into temptation and begins to feed off Jimmy, escalating their friendship into irresistibly forbidden territory.

All the while, the United States is on the brink of war between humans and those who feed off their emotions, and Sadie finds her particular skillset could be of vital importance to the growing resistance forces against the corrupt government.

As she gets swept up in the dazzling world of espionage, life gets even more complicated when Troy – her attractive partner in crime – becomes convinced she’s an enemy spy. To both their dismay, their near instant chemistry only seems to grow as they’re forced to work together. But can they learn to trust each other in time to spare the country from all-out war?

Note: If you’ve read book 1, Flames of Rapture, book 2 contains some spicy developments in Sadie and Jimmy’s relationship, though it is primarily an enemies-to-lovers story between Sadie and Troy. Themes include forbidden attraction, forced proximity, edge play, and group sex – all following a sexually powerful bisexual heroine.